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Specially tailed solutions for continuous flow systems with multiple reactors connected to each other, replete with all accessories and automation.

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Instruflow specializes in supplying continuous flow systems with multiple continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTRs) in series and parallel. When in series, the outlet of each reactor is connected to the inlet of the next reactor in queue. Multiple stirred batch reactors can also be used in parallel and when fitted with certain accessories, they can be custom designed to act as continuous stirred tank reactors in parallel. Such a CSTR is designed keeping in mind residence times needed at each stage of the reaction process. The chemistry of each stage thus defines the heating mechanism, stirrer rpm, required volume and all other characteristics of the continuous stirred tank reactor. Salient Features:

• Product is developed / produced on continuous basis for better productivity

• Continuous stirred tank reactor from 25 ml to 2000 ltr net filling volume

• Available in different materials like SS-316 / 316L, Hastelloy C, Monel, Inconel, Nickel, Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium etc.

• CSTR reactor with Pressures upto 350 bar & temperatures upto 500째C

• Single or multiple reactors connected in series

• Multiple inlets & outlets for addition & transfer / removal of gases & liquids

• Ex-proof / CE / PED / ASME / U stamp certified CSTR reactor system on request

• Fully automated PC controlled systems to continuously monitor, record & control various parameters like temperature pressure,motor speed, gas /liquid flow etc.

• Gas mass flow controller, metering pumps, level controller, catalyst filtration system with SCADA software etc. are provided for atypical hydrogenation application

System Specifications

• Temperature range: -30 to +200째C

• Pressure: up to 50 bar

• Material: SS316, Hastelloy C etc.

• The capacity of each vessel is 25ml placed in series of 10 units with a magnetic drive. Mixing and dispersion of solid and immiscible fluids and carrying out reactions with longer residence times. Higher volumes can be customised

• Jacketed system with optional heating & cooling circulator for temperature control

• Optional HPLC, peristaltic, gear metering pumps for charging liquid / slurry etc.

• 100 bar, 200 bar, 350 bar

• 300째C, 500째C

• SS316/316L, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Inconel, Monel, Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium, etc.

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