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Instruflow is specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of high pressure reactors for mineral carbonation.

For decades, high pressure reactors and pressure vessels have been in use for a number of research purposes and applications. Of late, they have gained considerable significance in important applications involving carbon capture, storage, utilization, hydrogen production, storage and transportation, all of which contribute to the world's present problems.

One of the latest applications for such high pressure autoclaves and pressure vessels is Mineral carbonation. Mineral carbonation is based on the reaction of CO2 with metal oxide bearing materials to form insoluble carbonates, with calcium and magnesium being the most attractive metals. In nature such a reaction is called silicate weathering and takes place on a geological time scale. It involves naturally occurring silicates as the source of alkaline and alkaline-earth metals and consumes atmospheric CO2. With present technology there is always a net demand for high grade energy to drive the mineral carbonation process that is needed for: (i) the preparation of the solid reactants, including mining, transport, grinding and activation when necessary; (ii) the processing, including the equivalent energy associated with the use, recycling and possible losses of additives and catalysts; (iii) the disposal of carbonates and byproducts. The relative importance of the three items differs depending on the source of the metal oxides, for example whether they are natural silicates or industrial wastes. Despite this potential energy penalty, interest in mineral carbonation stems from two features that make it unique among the different storage approaches, namely the abundance of metal oxide bearing materials, particularly of natural silicates, and the permanence of storage of CO2 in a stable solid form. However, mineral carbonation is today still an immature technology. Studies reported in the literature have not yet reached a level where a thorough assessment of the technology, potential, costs and impacts is possible.

Researchers across universities are working on solving these limitations by working on standalone and multiple pressure reactors.

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