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Lab scale non stirred pressure reactors and pressure vessels from 25 ml to 25 ltr

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Instruflow suppliesnon stirred pressure reactors upto 5 ltr for various applications. These high pressure systems and vessels without stirring serve to subject the reagents to conditions of high pressure. This aids in the storage of the product and can also help the progess of the reaction.

Salient Features

• 50ml to 5 ltr net filling volume

• Pressures upto 700 bar & temperatures upto 600째C

• Available in different Material of Construction (MOC) like SS-316, SS-316L, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Nickel, Inconel, Titanium, Tantalum, Tantalum lined, Zirconium etc.

• U stamp / IEC Ex systems offered upto request

• Fully automated PC controlled high pressure systems/pilot plants to continuously monitor, control & record various parameters can be custom designed as per individual process parameters


• For gas / liquid storage / charging under pressure

• For gas / liquid separation & collection

• For static, loop, electrochemical, corrosion studies (link to corrosion testing)

• For study of gas hydrate formation (link to Gas hydrate formation)

• For supercritical fluid extraction (link to scfe)

• For hydrogen induced disbonding tests

• For soaking of diamonds / precious stones

• Acid Digestion Bombs are used for dissolving or digesting inorganic or organic samples in strong acids or alkalis

• Shaker Hydrogenators are used to study catalyst activity & synthesizing or modifying organic compounds by catalytic hydrogenation

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