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Instruflow supplies multiple high pressure stirred reactors and autoclaves to various labs and research institutions across Australia and New Zealand. They are the preferred choice of researchers, scientists and students across all research labs, universities and industries where the aim of the research is to carry out testing of substances or feasibiity studies for the manufacture of chemicals, compounds or other synthetic materials. These reactors can be equipped with either a table top (for small models) or trolley mounting arrangements and come equipped with with heating, cooling & stirring arrangement, maintenance free zero leakage couplings, quick opening split clamp design, inlet-outlet valves, pressure gauge, safety rupture disc & SS control panel with programmable temperature & speed controller. Other optional accessories can also be supplied upon request for improved safety, usability & versatility. SS316 reactors rated for 100 bar @ 300°C are standard models with quickest delivery lead times and can optionally be manufactured for upto 350bar & 500°C in other material of construction. Dpending on need, these models can also be scaled up for lab to process industry use, thus making them versatile reactors that can be used in labs, universities and industries alike.