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High pressure mag drives upto 700 bar

Magnetic drives and agitators in various metals for high pressure

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Magnetic Drives for Pressure upto 700bar High-temperature, high-pressure magnetic drives, magnetic couplings and overhead stirrers manufactured by Amar ensure zero leakage, and contactless, efficient transmission of torque and RPM from the motor to the stirrer shaft. Owing to their design, these high-pressure couplings are virtually maintenance free and only require a small degree of cooling at high rpms to ensure trouble free operation during longer run-hours.

M-Series And Agitators

• Magnetic drive couplings for metal reactors upto 10,000 ltr

• High torque couplings upto 600 Nm

• Threaded or flanged end connections

• All the magnetic drive models for metal / glass can be provided with suitable agitator

• Agitator assembly consists of motor, variable frequency motor speed regulator, magnetic drive coupling, suitable drive mounting, shaft and different types of impellers viz pitch blade turbine, anchor, hollow shaft with gas induction impeller, ruston turbine, propeller, helical impeller etc.


• Compact inline motor and magnetic drive coupling with speed indicator & regulator

• For 50 ml – 50 ltr metal / glass reactors

• Torque capacities upto 12 Nm

• No external rotation, rotation inside housing

• No separate motor / stand / stirrer required

• Light weight & economical

• Full vacuum to 700 bar pressure

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