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Magnetic couplings and stirrers for full vacuum

Magnetic agitators for use in low pressure and full vacuum glass reactors

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Magnetic Drives for Full Vacuum

• We specialize in manufacturing magnetic drives and overhead magnetic stirrers for glass equipment. These drives ensure zero leakage at high pressures as well as full vacuum. These are often used for high vacuum distillation setups in round bottom flasks. The loss of vacuum during distillation using conventional PTFE bush / tape results in contamination Of the product. This is totally avoided by using zero leakage magnetic coupling / mixers with suitable taper / glass joints like B24, B34, B/NS29/32, B/NS45/40, etc. These couplings are cost effective & guarantee a superior product quality without any contamination. Clients can buy MG series coupling from Amar which can be designed to be fairly compatible with their existing stirrers. Alternately, they can also opt for MMG series compact inline vibration free motor & coupling in their existing RBF applications.

• Available for 100 ml to 50 ltr RBF / glass reactors

• These couplings / mixers can withstand full vacuum during continuous running

• Materials: SS316, Hastelloy C, Inconel, etc.

• Suitable upto 3000 rpm

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