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Gas hydrate formation systems

High pressure vessels for gas hydrate formation

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Amar-make gas hydrate formation systems are made up of high-pressure reactors with specially designed hollow shaft gas induction impellers for introducing gas into the mixture, aiding the formation of gas hydrates. Salient Features

• For examination / study of gas hydrate formation

• Isothermal & non isothermal reactions

• Pressures upto 350 bar & temperatures upto 100°C

• 100 ml to 100 ltr net filling volume

• Analysis of effectiveness & efficiency of thermo dynamic and kinetic gas hydrate inhibitors

• MOC: SS316 / Hasteloy C etc.

• Glass window with camera for visual observation of gas hydrate formation

• Long term experiments of upto 30 days can be performed

• Autoclaves for observation of gas hydrate formation

• High pressure vessel system for hydrogen induced disbonding tests

• Pressure vessels for soaking of diamonds & precious stones

• High pressure high temperature pressure vessels are often used to purify & improve the finish of diamonds & precious stones by subjecting them to high pressure & temperatureconditions

• Pressure vessel for gas / liquid storage

• It can be used as a gas/ liquid storage pressure pot to transfer liquid/ gas in the autoclave/ other pressure vessel at higher pressure

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