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Reactors for corrosion testing

High pressure reactors made from exotic materials for corrosion testing applications

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Of the numerous applications of high-pressure autoclaves, electrochemical corrosion testing at high temperature and high pressure is most favored using Amar make pressure reactors. These are custom-designed using corrosion coupon handles and coupon holders as per client requirements.

Salient Features

• Volumes from 500 ml to 25 ltr

• Design pressures upto 350 bar and temperatures upto 650°C

• Available in different materials of construction – SS 316, Hastelloy C, Inconel, Titanium etc.

• Stirred /Non-stirred autoclave systems

• Recirculating loop & electrochemical corrosion testing

• For static, dynamic, loop & electrochemical studies

• Methods Of Testing Corrosion Using Autoclave

• Weight loss method with corrosion coupons

• Electrical resistance probe

• Electrochemical probe

• Electrochemical noise in current or potential


• Autoclaves for corrosion application are mainly used in aggressive environments like H2S & supercritical waters in oil refineries & defence industries

• Electro - chemical corrosion measurements in HPHT media-water and other solutions

• Coating and materials evaluation in high pressure simulated deep sea condition (submarine paint etc) using impedance measurements

• Autoclave for cement curing under deep sea applications as per API standard

• Polymer testing /curing/processing under HPHT conditions

• Slow strain rate tests for stress corrosion cracking under HPHT conditions

• Static & Stirred Autoclave

• Normally corrosion test coupons are suspended in static (non-stirred) or stirred autoclave systems & corrosion is measured in terms of weight loss. In stirred autoclave system, sometimes the coupon holders are attached to the shaft & rotated during testing

• Autoclaves are then fed with the corrosive media & designed temperature & pressure is reached & maintained in the autoclaves. Optionally suitable electrodes like pH or ORP(MOC: SS316 / Hast-C) are provided to measure pH & redox potential under pressure

• Autoclaves with working, counters / reference & auxillary electrodes can also be offered withpotential measurement system for electrochemical corrosion testing

• Re-Circulating Loop Autoclaves For Corrosion Testing

• In this system, the autoclave is connected with a special high pressure pump which canrecirculate water/liquid continuously at very high velocity through the test spool & theautoclave connected in line with each other.

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