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Stainless steel and non metallic (microwaveable) acid digestion bombs with carbon filled teflon liner for use upto 100 bar 250째C

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Acid digestion vessels, a.k.a. acid digestion bombs are variations of hydrothermal reactors used to dissolve/digest samples in various strong acids. These acid digesters are usually made of SS316 with a PTFE/Teflon liner and cap inside. This complete unit is usually placed inside a heater/oven in the customer's lab.

• These hydrothermal vessels range from 25 ml to 750 ml net filling volume

• Design pressures upto 200 bar and temperatures upto 250째C

• Made from SS-316 with PTFE liner, PTFE cap, safety rupture disc & fixture for opening the lid

• Non-metallic microwaveable acid digestion bomb

• Applications Of Acid Digestion Bomb

• Used for dissolving or digesting inorganic or organic samples in strong acids or alkalis

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